Easy 401(k) Enrollment

Enrolling in the IFA 401(k) is Simple

IFA provides several access points to make enrolling in the plan and selecting the right portfolio quick and painless.

IFA provides plan-specific websites that serve as the main education and access point for your company’s 401(k). The plan site contains all of the information for your plan: easy account access, education, enrollment forms, and 24/7 login access to your plan’s record keeper.

Easy to complete investment selection forms make it simple for your participants to choose an appropriate portfolio with an auto-rebalancing feature.

The table below shows the selection sheet for the IFA Index Portfolios. To view details of any portfolio, simply click on a colored, numbered button.

Quick Guide to Index Portfolio Selection
Age Profile Risk Profile Index Portfolio
(Click to View)
Only High Risk Investors Most Aggressive  
Only High Risk Investors Aggressive  
Age 20 to 25 Aggressive  
Age 30 to 35 Moderately Aggressive  
Age 40 to 45 Moderately Aggressive  
Age 50 to 55 Moderate  
Age 60 to 65 Moderately Conservative  
Age 70 to 75 Moderately Conservative  
Only Low Risk Investors Conservative  
Only Low Risk Investors Risk Averse  


IFA Offers A Simple Check-a-Box Portfolio Selection

Here is a sample of our portfolio selection form:


For those who want to take a simple survey to identify their investment portfolio, there is a Risk Capacity Survey on the site:

SmartPlan Advisor

Video instruction is also offered through vWise, an online education program which is customized to your plan — a value-added service IFA provides to optimize participant understanding and satisfaction.

IFA provides each plan with vWise’s state-of-the-art 401(k) information delivery system: SmartPlan Advisor. This online interactive 401(k) information, education and enrollment program is specifically designed to increase participation and improve the investment outcomes for all plan participants.

SmartPlan Advisor enables each plan participant to go at their own pace in the privacy of their home or office and carefully weigh and understand the investment options available to them.

With Model Portfolio options designed to match an individual’s risk capacity, plan participants will learn which Index Portfolio is appropriate for them, as well as other information regarding how to plan to ensure their brightest retirement future.

Plan sponsors will benefit from the extensive information incorporated into the SmartPlan Advisor platform. Drawing information from the plan document, SmartPlan Advisor can answer many of the questions that participants may have about plan particulars. This added benefit may save manyhours of human resources time repeatedly answering the same questions. Additionally,, the SmartPlan Advisor platform may allow participants to feel more educated regarding the retirement plan process, improving participation and savings rates.


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