The IFA Advantage

There are many advantages to Index Funds Advisors’ (IFA’s) investment strategy for 401(k) plans.

Index funds investing is one sound way to invest retirement assets, so much so that the Thrift Savings Plan, a defined contribution plan for U.S. civil service and uniformed service employees and retirees, is composed solely of index funds and adheres to the same sort of comprehensive academic data that is used to develop and monitor IFA’s investment strategy. IFA is an investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Acting as an investment manager as such term is defined in Section 3(38) of ERISA, IFA provides extensive benefits to plan sponsors and plan participants by:

  • 1. establishing the Plan’s investment policy
  • 2. implementing risk-appropriate Index Portfolios as investment options for the Plan
  • 3. prudently selecting, monitoring, removing and replacing 401(k) Plan investment options
  • 4. establishing each Plan participant’s individual Risk Capacity to educate and assist in the selection of a risk-appropriate portfolio
  • 5. providing investment education materials to advance participant knowledge of investing
  • 6. assembling and quarterbacking the 401(k) team including the custodian, recordkeeper, third party administrator and overseeing the administration of the plan

By assuming these important fiduciary obligations, IFA significantly reduces the legwork and burden that fall upon you as the plan sponsor and simplifies your duties with respect to the plan. When you choose IFA, you can rest assured that your 401(k) plan will be prudently executed from both administrative and investment perspectives, and that plan participants will benefit from investments with a goal to set them on a solid course for retirement.