Convenient Access to Robust Record Keeping Systems

IFA works with several recordkeepers, each of which provides a robust and comprehensive sponsor website that can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each recordkeeper’s site is designed to support efficient management of daily plan participant needs and provides a single location to quickly and securely view, monitor, and update plan information. This includes:

  • • Simplified plan administration, including the ability to run compliance tests any time
  • • Full participant support, from completing transactions to ordering enrollment materials
  • • Educational tools and informational updates
  • • Customized quarterly administration and monthly plan confirmation reports
  • • Loan modeling, loan paperwork, and distribution processing
  • • Automation of census and payroll submissions
  • • As-requested reporting to view plan trends and progression

Comprehensive reporting at the plan sponsor level typically includes:

  • • Plan Statement
  • • Plan Investments
  • • Contribution Summary
  • • Deferral Changes Report
  • • Summary Participant Statements
  • • Participant Investment Elections
  • • Participant Balances by Source/Fund
  • • Plan Census
  • • Active Loans
  • • Delinquent Loans
  • • Required Minimum Distributions
  • • Fee Summary

In addition to the defined reports, the platforms allow for the exporting of data to other reporting engines. Export types include:

  • • Participant Synoptic Data
  • • Participant Census & Source Activity
  • • Participant Statement Extract