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Investment Advisors

IFA acts as a ยง3(38) investment fiduciary, accepting liability and responsibility for the selection, monitoring and replacement of passively managed index funds. For plan sponsors and plan participants, IFA provides risk-appropriate asset allocation through the implementation of multiple risk-specific Model Portfolios which carry 84 years of historic risk and return data. IFA matches people with portfolios by carefully qualifying and quantifying five dimensions of an investor's Risk Capacity and matching it to five dimensions of a portfolio's risk exposure. This process facilitates investor-specific optimal returns and mitigates the fiduciary burden of plan sponsors.

Fund Managers

IFA has performed extensive research and has chosen funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and The Vanguard Group for plan participants. DFA offers index funds which are available to individual investors only through a DFA-affiliated investment advisor. Additionaly, Vanguard Group offers competitively priced index funds.

Third Party Administrators

If deemed necessary, IFA will recommend a third party administrator which provides all of the tools and services to achieve your company's retirement goals through advanced plan design to facilitate maximum benefits and to keep your plan(s) in compliance with IRS and DOL regulations.


IFA partners with industry leaders to fulfill the requirements of the recordkeeper and plan administrator. IFA has determined that each company's transparent fee structure, along with its beneficial services, makes each company a prudent choice for valuation, form filings, testing, and other essential services.


To better serve its rapidly expanding 401(k) client base, IFA offers the choice of three industry-leading custodial partners: TD Ameritrade Trust Company, Charles Schwab Trust Company and Matrix Financial. Each company provides comprehensive brokerage and custody services. Each company's advanced technology platform, coupled with personal support from dedicated service teams, allow efficient and effective service to fulfill your plan's custodial needs. Ask your IFA Investment Advisor Representative which one is right for you and your plan's specific circumstances.