Simple Portfolio Selection

Selecting an Appropriate Portfolio Is Easy

IFA's Index Portfolios employ the use of 15 unique IFA Indexes to accomplish the important goal of risk-appropriate global diversification. Higher-risk Index Portfolios are comprised primarily of equities, while lower numbered Index Portfolios have higher percentage allocations to fixed income. Investors buy, hold and rebalance these Index Portfolios, with the goal to achieve global diversification and risk-appropriate allocations in up to 12,000 securities in as many as 40 different countries. These investments provide transparency and a cost-effective, risk-appropriate way to invest for retirement.

The table below shows the selection sheet for the IFA Index Portfolios. To view details of any portfolio, simply click on a colored, numbered button.

Quick Guide to Index Portfolio Selection
Age Profile Risk Profile Index Portfolio
(Click to View)
Only High Risk Investors Most Aggressive  
Only High Risk Investors Aggressive  
Age 20 to 25 Aggressive  
Age 30 to 35 Moderately Aggressive  
Age 40 to 45 Moderately Aggressive  
Age 50 to 55 Moderate  
Age 60 to 65 Moderately Conservative  
Age 70 to 75 Moderately Conservative  
Only Low Risk Investors Conservative  
Only Low Risk Investors Risk Averse  


IFA Offers A Simple Check-a-Box Portfolio Selection

Here is a sample of our portfolio selection form: