IFA’s Benefits to Participants

Advice for Higher Expected Returns

IFA's advisors and the IFA Index Portfolios include advice on purely passive investments which carry historical data going back to 1928. This abundance of data enables IFA to make recommendations on investment portfolios which carry the highest probability of achieving the expected return for each IFA Index Portfolio. Please refer to IFA's Disclosure for Backtested Performance Information regarding this data.

In addition to offering risk-based Index Portfolios, IFA's advisors will work with individual participants to assist them in making the right investment choice for them.

IFA recommends index funds for your plan and your participants for the following reasons:

Reams of academic data reveal the excess expense impact of actively managed funds.

As fiduciaries, plan sponsors are duty-bound to act in the best interest of plan participants. Risk-appropriate and globally diversified index portfolios enable plan participants to:

  • • Invest to achieve an expected return commensurate with their individual risk capacity
  • • Avoid the costly impact of active management
  • • Buy, hold and rebalance a low-cost and globally diversified asset allocation that is fully transparent

An IFA 401(k) enables plan participants to optimize their retirement investing with a platform that includes:

  • • Passively managed portfolios of institutional index funds which strive to minimize cost
  • • Risk Capacity Analysis and risk-appropriate investment implementation
  • • Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing
  • • Easy-to-understand online statements
  • • Easily accessible and in-depth participant investment education
  • • Online video enrollment for easy, convenient and risk-appropriate participation

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