Matching People With Portfolios

IFA makes it simple for participants to choose an optimal portfolio

There is an intrinsic and beneficial relationship between risk, return, time, and diversification. The table below describes the type of investor who would be appropriate for each of the ten index portfolios available in your plan. Investors who are able to take on more equity risk may achieve higher expected returns over time. For this reason, it is IFA’s view that it is important to take as much risk as your risk capacity allows. It is also important to make sure that you invest in accordance with your risk capacity, as volatility leads to higher expected long-term returns, but with higher short-term uncertainty.

(Please check with your plan sponsor to see which IFA Index Portfolios is offered in your plan)

Easy Matchup

IFA’s 401(k) services provide ten pre-designed risk-appropriate asset allocations suitable for investors from very conservative to very aggressive and various levels of intermediate risk. IFA’s asset allocation models are designed to capture specific risk exposures that have shown to reward investors over very long periods of time—investing science, not pure speculation.


For those who want to take a simple survey to identify their investment portfolio, there is a Risk Capacity Survey on the site:


Video instruction is also offered through vWise, an online education program that is customized to your plan — a value-added service IFA provides to ensure participant understanding and satisfaction.

Click here to view the interactive video for quick and easy 401(k) education and planning, provided by IFA and vWise.


IFA provides plan-specific websites that serve as the main education and access point for your company’s 401(k). This site contains all of the information for your plan: easy account access, education, enrollment forms, and 24/7 login access to your plan’s recordkeeper.


Still have questions? Your dedicated IFA advisor is just a call or click away, and he or she will be pleased to help you choose the portfolio that’s right for you.