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Diversified Portfolios

One prudent approach to minimize risk and maximize the probability of achieving an optimal return may be to hold an index portfolio. IFA's ten Index Portfolios are globally diversified and are calibrated to capture specific risk exposures that have rewarded investors over time.

Investing Science

IFA’s Index Portfolios are built in accordance with Nobel Prize winning research and evidence-based analysis of long-term data, enabling participants to invest with a high degree of confidence.

Risk is the Source of Returns

Even when all non-compensated risk has been eliminated from a portfolio, an investor cannot escape the systematic risks inherent in the market itself. As previously mentioned, history shows an investment in the market as a whole has delivered about 9.5% a year on average for the last 83 years, but not without major uncertainty. Risk and return go hand in hand. To obtain greater equity returns, the trade-off is suffering significant short-term volatility.